Shoda Outside catering menu
Our outside catering is ideal for parties, christenings or house warmings. All our dishes will be home-made fresh on the day.
Call us on 01 610 6261 or email order 3 days before required to



Selection of salads also available on request - €30 per bowl.

Broccoli & Cherry tomato
with feta in light honey and mustard dressing.

Creamy coleslaw
in light mayonnaise and yoghurt dressing.

Pasta salad
with bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes and olives in basil and rocket pesto dressing.

Old fashioned potato salad
with spring onions, parsley, lemon zest and creamy mayonnaise.

Roasted beetroot salad
with irish goats cheese, basil and balsamic dressing.

Mixed leaf salad
with cherry tomatoes, shallots and olives with parmesan and garlic croutons.



Chicken Salad
Ham Salad
Ham,cheese and tomato
Tuna and salad
Cheese and salad
Egg Mayonnaise
Coronation chicken

Sandwiches made on white or brown nutty bread with butter/mayo/relish/pesto


Hot dishes

Shoda's Chicken Curry
Chicken breasts simmer in a curry sauce with peppers, ginger, onions, garlic and fresh coriander.

Moroccan Lamb tagine
Diced lamb pieces cooked in chunky tomato sauce and coconut milk with apricots, garlic, ginger and cumin.

Shoda's Beef & Mushroom Stroganoff
Thin slices of beef slow cooked in smoky red wine sauce with paprika, onions, button mushrooms and finished with sour cream and gherkins cucumbers.

Shoda's Beef Lasagne

In rich tomato sauce, smoky and creamy bechamel and finished with mozzarella cheese.

Vegetarian Curry

Chunky vegetables cooked in light curry sauce and finished with fresh coriander.

Vegetarian Quiches and Vegetarian Frittatas available on request.

All hot buffet is served with creamy mash potato or baby boiled potatoes and seasonal vegetables and rice.

For any other preference, please don’t hesitate to ask
Minimum order of 10 portions per dish



Banoffee Pie - €35
Apple Pie - €35
Pavlova with fresh berries - €40
Pear & Almond Tart - €35
Chocolate Tart - €30
Selection of cakes available on request
Selection of Gluten Free Desserts available on request

Must be ordered 4-5 days in advance


Any hot dishes
€12.00 per person
Minimum order of 10 portions per dish)

Selection of Sandwiches
€5.00 per person

Soup & Sandwich selection
€8.00 per person

Selection of desserts
€3.00 per person

Selection of Salads
€3.00 per person

Finger Food
€6.00 per person

(including: Sandwiches, salads, soup, 1 hot dish and selection of desserts)

Booking must be made 3 days in advance of event